School For Supernatural Children and Adults

What is the importance to know if your child is psychic, crystal/ supernatural, or not? The children who are psychic can take many forms. They see things more intensely , smell, hear, taste things more intensely. In the past they were called Sensitives. We are all intuitive to some extent. It depends on how open we are to everything around us.

Which brings me to the next important reason why we should know about psychic and crystal children. Because they are sensitive to everything around them, they need to be taught about what is real and what is not in this physical world. They need to be taught to decipher between what is now in the present and what is the future . They also need to be shown it is ok to be who they are. My service is to train them to be confident.

In my work I educate parents and teachers for the understanding and then give some activities on which the children can focus. their special gift or gifts. The parents may also be psychic or have been psychic as a child. The classes will open up their creativity even more and also see the likenesses and differences between them.

In some cases the supernatural children will not fit into a socalled normal school setting.

They will be able to attend a School for Supernatural Children which I will provide. The schools will start with a very small group of five to seven children so that their destinies can be brought out to blossom which will take a concentrated effort. One child, for instance may be destined to teach, another to dance, another to be an electrical engineer, another a surgeon. Once I determine their destiny, I will then teach primarily toward that goal.

There will be classes for psychic/crystal children and adults as well.

As principal of the school, I shall provide the necessary training for the supernatural children and adults so they will reach their highest potentials and feel confident in knowing who they are

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."

Frederick Douglass