In the Service of the Heart

Working with the Child

The child is born surrounded by other people who influence him. As he grows he tries to keep the love he felt from the spiritual plane. To the child a separation has begun from the time of the free soul to the changing times where people around him are using different strategies to get love from one another. He adapts some of those strategies even though they bring pain. They are thoughts and actions of conditional love, not unconditional.

My service is to help children reverse negative thought patterns and transform the negative emotions and old belief systems so that the child can return to the loving feelings his soul has been longing for.

The supernatural or spiritually-gifted sees things differently than the so-called normal child. Once I determine the specialty or their original purpose for coming to earth, which is in their DNA, I can then guide them to focus on that specialness which will give them the confidence they need and be successful test takers also if needed.

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."

Frederick Douglass