I'll be at the Charleston Unity Church at 2535 Leeds Ave, Charleston, 29405 Sunday, March 26th from 1:30-4PM . I'll be giving 20 minute "Heal the Hurt" sessions of consulting for anyone who signs up for my services. People will pay a fee at the door and then sign up for events of their choosing. There I'll be a lunch offered for a fee after service at 1PM. You can find out more at the website:


This site is dedicated to family life transformation through psychology, understanding and healing. I facilitate empowering and connecting family members to help them grow in health of the body, mind and soul. In a loving venue, I work with adults and children to break barriers which maycreate pressure in family relationships.

Specifically , I have a concern for children who have at least one of the following symptoms:

Mood swings, depression, confusion, in a dream state, trouble focusing and testing, socially inadequate, hyperactive/ADHD symptoms, high IQ, early sexual interest.

The type of child with one or more of the symptoms may be a supernatural and spiritually-gifted child.

I understand them, and I can help them to become happy with themselves, build self-confidence and get better testing results.

If any parent or teacher is interested, I am available for tutoring both parent and child. It is important for the parent or guardian to be included in my techniques for the supernatural child so that you can implement the procedures at home.

I will travel to venues to give talks and do workshops on vibrational healing and also hold private healing sessions and readings when you require my professional guidance.

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."

Frederick Douglass